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Regular size range:Width: 600-900mm; Height: 1450 - 2700mm ; Thickness: 40mm;or customized
Material:Solid Wood + MDF with PVC Lamination; glass
Style:European,Chinese style,Classic style,Modern Style
Color:Wood grain or pure color from RAL code
Accessories:Handle lock,hinges,door closer,door viewer,door stopper and others as request
Finish:Laminated,without paint
Craftsmanship: Environmentally friendly E1 MDF+ durable PVC lamination+ Solid Core


-1- Simple and fashionable design of European style.

-2- Metallic feeling and sharp color contrast for high visional impact.

-3- Aluminum edge sealing, durable and not deformed.

-4- Super high door leaf, the highest can be 2.7 meters, suitable for luxury and high-end decoration interior style.

-5- Heat preservation, sound insulation, wind and sand resistance, strong sealing, environmental protection.

-6- The noble sense of reality with the modern breath.

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