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The 20th CBD Guangzhou Construction Expo
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On July 8, 2018, the highly anticipated China International Building and Decoration Expo (Guangzhou) arrived as scheduled. Jindi door company, a brand of Goldea Group, lived up to expectations and successfully detonated the venue with the simple and luxurious style of the whole house customization.

CBD 2018 Goldea wood door booth

With the upgrading of people's consumption level, the requirements for the quality of home life are getting higher and higher. The old traditional home mode is difficult to meet the expectations of customers, and the whole house customization is gradually popular in the market. Therefore, in the B District of the Canton Fair, the Jindi Wooden Door Exhibition Hall with the theme of “New Ideas and New Journeys” has been attracting countless people from the first day.

The appearance of this exhibition hall is mainly warm colors, and the inner space is created according to the characteristics of different exhibition areas to create a luxurious atmosphere, embellished with high-grade gray and other fashionable international elements, low-key luxury without losing texture.

Goldea whole house customization

Walking through the exhibition area, Jindi Company specially devised the Tongtian cabinet display area, with a clean and orderly space visual design, scientific and reasonable space layout, showing different styles of wallboard new products, giving exhibitors a comfortable and natural look and feel.


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